Introducing Tutorials

With Tutorials, instructors can deliver interactive lessons to their students in a slide format.

Students can chat with the instructor and other students while exploring the Tutorial content by themselves.


Digitize your resources

Convert your powerpoint and PDF lessons
into online interactive slides

Schedule live classes

Set reminders for live sessions
You can set a date and time for a live class with your students via videoconferencing

Invite up to 100 students to join a live class
Up to 25 students can show faces, while the rest can raise hand to ask questions

User-friendly format

Students can learn at their own time
Student can go through the content at their own time using their favorite devices: PC, Mobile, tablet, etc.

Expandable slides
Creavity is no limited and so the slide space, teachers decide how much space on each slide they need.

Interactive learning

Chatbox for students
Give your students the space to ask and discuss within the lesson space.

Poll & questions
Powerful tool allowing teachers to collect feedback and test out how well students understand the lesson.

Students can take notes and review the notes later, no need to switch between multiple applications to take notes anymore.

Try out Tutorials for yourself

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