HeyHi Assessment

Bringing together all your needs for assessment and diagnosis of learners’ progress using data & AI technologies to make providing personalised learning a breeze.

Personalise lesson with ease

Extensive question bank
A large pool of ready-to-use questions maintained diligently by a team of academic experts. Alternatively, you can create and upload your own.

AI worksheet generator
Simplify creation of personalised worksheets to 3 steps based on intelligent analysis of learners’ learning profile and needs.

Auto-marking with instant feedback
Give immediate feedback in text, audio or video and have more time for meaningful discussion and personal consultation.

Accurate and meaningful insights

Detailed Performance Analytics
Gain insights into your learners’ progress based on concise and real-time data analysis. Identify learning gaps from peer group cross-evaluation to individual performance at granular level.

Visit SmartJen, our enterprise level e-assessment and personalised learning system for more information.